Events & Workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

Check back soon for future workshops.

*Event may require lottery procedure. See below.

Upcoming Retreats:

Our twice yearly in-person retreats are on pause due to concerns regarding Covid-19. Check our Meetings page for scheduled virtual retreats. Contact retreats chair Katie Cooper with any questions regarding retreats.

Lottery Procedure:

Workshops and retreats that are sponsored by the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild are open to all current guild members who have paid dues.  Due to the high demand for spaces at workshops and retreats and a desire to be as fair to everyone who wants to attend, the board has determined a lottery system will need to be used for registration and the creation of a wait list.  In the event the wait list is exhausted, registration will be reopened and may be extended to nonmembers. 


If you wish to go to a CMQG workshop, registration and full payment are due at the meeting immediately prior to the workshop in the following manner:

  • PayPal at or prior to the meeting, or
  • Cash received at or prior to the meeting, or
  • Check paid at or received by the treasurer prior to the meeting. In case of a lottery, postmarked dates on mailed checks will not apply.

If there are more registered and paid participants than available spaces, a lottery will be held.  At the meeting, those who have registered and paid will be randomly assigned the available spaces.  Names of those members selected after the spaces have been filled will be put on a wait list in order of their selection. The board reserves the right to hold spaces for individuals who are in service to the guild at the workshop (i.e. if they are catering, providing transportation for the teacher, etc.).   

It is up to members to notify the event coordinator (Programming Chair, Workshop, Retreat and Special Events Chair, or their designee) if they have to cancel or if they do not want to be waitlisted. The coordinator will attempt to fill open spaces from the waitlist. If you cancel and the space is not filled, you will be responsible for the full cost of the workshop. If you are on the waitlist and you decline a spot, your payment will be returned.

Whenever possible, refunds will be made via the method of the original payment.  The board reserves the right to withhold a processing fee on PayPal payments.


Registration for retreats will be handled in the same manner as workshops except that 

  • payment and registration will be due two meetings prior to the retreat, and
  • if you cancel and your space is not filled, you will be charged only if the Guild is charged by the retreat facility 

*current CMQG treasurer
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