Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Retreat 2012!

Beautiful Lake Michigan

On September 7-9 some of our CMQG members went on a retreat at the Siena Center in Racine Wisconsin.  It is right on Lake Michigan and was the 4th retreat the CMQG has held at the Siena Center!  As always we had a great time sewing, talking, relaxing and making long lasting friendships with fellow quilters.

Our sewing room!

The Siena Center is a wonderful place to retreat, we each get our own table, room and 3 meals a day.  Our room this Fall was nice and big with two seating areas and a kitchen just for us!

All work space is brimming with supplies and projects!

As soon as we arrive everyone sets up their space and gets working!  We kinda cover all the available space in the room with fabric and supplies...

Fabric Swap

Sarah S and Erika put together a fabric swap for anyone interested.  It was cool to see what other people brought to swap, lots of FQs and FUN. 

Some of the projects people worked on at retreat!

I love to see the variety of projects that guild members bring to retreat. Quilts, scarves, dolls, pennant banners, bags, we make a bit of everything!

Erika's sweet doll for her daughter

Tricia matching her outfit to her awesome quilt...unintentionally 

Emily L and Me! (Emily B) having a blast in the scarves we just made :)

I always find that retreat brings guild members closer.  We spend a lot of time sewing but as much or more time talking and sharing with each other.

Erika rocking out!
My sewing machine all dolled up for my birthday!

It was also my Birthday during retreat this year and I had the BEST TIME!  Peeps decorated my machine and were so generous in giving me presents and lots of love and even ate Birthday cake!

To sum it all up 3 days of retreat=AWESOME!


  1. 3 days of retreat = REALLY AWESOME!!
    I love retreat! :) I don't think words can explain how much actually happens while we're on retreat. It's such a blast!!

  2. This looks like sew much fun! I'm looking forward to being able to participate in the spring retreat!

  3. Happy Birthday Emily!! Love the pics.Thanks for sharing!
    Can't wait to be sew again and hang with the guild!

  4. Best retreat recap ever. Nice job, Em!