Monday, January 23, 2012

We zipped into the new year!

The January meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild was "zipping into the New Year," and here's what we did - little zippered pouches!
In addition to bring a variety of their zippered projects, Rachel (right) gave a short and amusing history of zippers and then Eileen provided us with some basic directions.
Program Chair Terri and President Beth confer while Holly adjusts her machine and Holly's guest studies the directions.
Deb, April, Sue, and - help with the name of our newest member - compare their zipper techniques.
This meeting was so well attended that we ran out of chairs as evidenced by Sarah, Mimi (sitting in a kiddie chair), and Erika.
 Quilting newbie Jen displays the quilt she began at the Fall Retreat.
 See our group at Flickr for more photos!

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  1. Thanks Eileen and Rachel for a great tutorial! The meeting was so much fun, despite the lack of chairs!