Monday, July 5, 2010

Pillowcases Ready to be Delivered

Sarah S, Ebony and I pressed and packaged all the pillowcases last week.  I never ironed so much in my life.  Between what was sewn at our June meeting, a small stack that Sarah and I brought, and some others that had been sent by guild members to Ebony, we pressed and folded and baggged . . .

103 pillowcases ! ! !

What a phenomenal accomplishment to benefit ConKerr Cancer.  If you'd like to make pillowcases, volunteer, or donate to ConKerr Cancer, just click the link.



  1. You've been BUSY! Congratulations!!

  2. It actually ended up being 104 cases, after I fixed the one I accidentally cut a hole in. Applique does wonders! :) They're being turned over to CKC on Sunday the 11th.

  3. Awesome work, guys! Thanks for all your efforts to finish things up - a great cause!