Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is Proud to Welcome Carole Lyles Shaw in September

Carole is a modern quilt designer, author and workshop teacher who has been an active member of the quilt and fiber art community for over twenty years. Carole takes a modern, improvisational approach to her quilt designs, and her passion and focus is on designing quilts for the modern quilt movement. She lectures about modern quilting and teaches modern workshops for beginning and experienced quilters from all backgrounds and styles. Carole served on the Board of Directors for The Modern Quilt Guild [2015-2017]. She co- founded and served as the first President of the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild in Sarasota, Florida. Many of Carole’s quilts have been exhibited in museums and art shows in the U.S. and internationally. Her modern quilt designs have been published in Modern Patchwork magazine and Fat Quarterly eZine.

Carole is the author of two books on modern quilting: Madly Modern Quilts and Patriotic Modern Quilts. Both are available on Amazon and in local quilt shops. She has also launched a series of modern quilt patterns available on her website and in local quilt shops.

On Saturday September 19, 2020 from 9:30am-3:30pm Carole will teach a live virtual workshop for the Stash Jazz Quilt. The workshop is limited to 18 participants and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is open to current Chicago Modern Quilt Guild members through August 22, 2020; then non-members afterward if all 18 spaces do not fill. There will be a break for lunch.

Stash Jazz quilt by Carole Lyles Shaw

Workshop Info:
Every quilter has a stash of leftovers—orphan blocks, large scraps and even fat quarters of ‘ugly’ fabric. This workshop will help you make a dent in using some of this fabric to create a beautiful modern quilt. The pattern is based on two blocks but we'll start by improvisationally piecing the stash into complex but easy-to-piece block sections. No partial seams required.

The quilt can be made in a scrappy version OR you can use a more coordinated set of scraps and orphan blocks in a selected color palette. Carole will also show how using a background color in the blocks can create a completely different look for the quilt.

Mid-Century Mod Curve Quilt #1 by Carole Lyles Shaw

The workshop fee is $60, and an email with the sign-up link will be sent to all members at 7pm this Friday, when registration opens. All participants will receive a supply list and links to prerecorded content to help in fabric selection and pre-cutting before the workshop.

Registration for the workshop will open Friday, July 24 at 7pm. Members, check your email at that time!

On Sunday, September 20th, Carole will present a lecture and virtual trunk show during our regular guild meeting. She'll discuss her modern quilting journey starting in the early 2000s and her influences including Mid Century Modern Designs, Maximalism, and AfroModerne quilts.

Monday, July 13, 2020

June Meeting (and Sew-In) Recap

Our June meeting was a casual afternoon of sewing and conversation via Zoom, with general meeting announcements at the start of the Sew-In, and show and tell towards the end. Highlights of the day included "meeting" Laura McDowell Hopper's adorable new baby girl, and former member Jacquie Gering joining us for much of the Sew-In. These are the benefits of a virtual meeting, as the barriers of location and distance are less of an issue. Although not quite the same as seeing each other in person, we're delighted that, thanks to technology, we can still gather safely together and connect.


Julia has heard from a few people regarding our QuiltCon 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge (formerly the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge). Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate.

Rebecca talked about the benefits of guild membership: links to Zoom meetings for guild programs and other activities; access to the CMQG's private Facebook community group; invitations to member-organized sew ins; receipt of our newsletter, the Full Bobbin, every month; and more. Chicago MQG membership also makes you a national member, which gives you the Modern Monthly newsletter, with quilt patterns, block studies, articles and book reviews; early QuiltCon registration; and access to the MQG website which contains tons of resources including videos, webinars, tutorials and other resources. Joining the Chicago MQG is easy, and fees are pro-rated for a partial year. If you want to check us out first, send us an email to request a meeting invitation – your first meeting is always free.

Excepts from the meeting's show and tell! Creations from (clockwise from top left) Sarah Shulman, Julia Bryant, Laura Hartrich, and Katie Cooper.

Jenni reminded us about the 10th anniversary mini quilt challenge. Our anniversary party has been postponed, but you can create a mini quilt inspired by what the Chicago MQG means to you, in the meantime. We can't wait to display these at the re-scheduled 10 year celebration. Check out in-progress and finished mini quilts here. And don't forget to tag your Instagram or Facebook community group posts with #ChicagoMQG10YearMini.

We've sent an email out with the guild's annual survey. Check your inbox, then please take a few minutes to give us your feedback and help us shape our programming. We truly value your input!

Upcoming events:

July 19, 2:00-5:00, virtual meeting via Zoom: Hand Quilting Demos. We'll learn tips and tricks for hand quilting with traditional tiny stitches, as well as the big stitches "modern quilters" might be more familiar with. Come with your questions, and be ready to learn! Hopefully every quilter will learn something new – you may even be motivated to try a new technique.

August 16, 2:00-5:00, virtual meeting via Zoom: TBD. Have ideas for content? Let us know!

September 19 and 20, virtual workshop and lecture with guest speaker/teacher, Carole Lyles Shaw. We are excited to announce this fabulous addition to our programming! Carole is a modern quilt designer, author, and teacher who has been creating quilts for over 20 years. On Saturday, September 19th Carole will lead a workshop for a "Stash Jazz Quilt" where students will use their stash, scraps, and orphan blocks to create a fun improvisational quilt. Then she'll share her quilting journey with us in a lecture and trunk show during our September 20th meeting. We'll be sharing more details about the workshop, including cost and sign-up information at our July meeting. Check out Carole's work at

Wondering about our previously scheduled September guest speaker and teacher, Guicy Guice? Not to worry! He would rather come see us in person, and since that's not possible now, we've rescheduled his visit to September of 2021.

All meetings are 2-5 pm on the third Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

This month's meeting is on July 19, via Zoom. (Look for a link in our member newsletter, the Full Bobbin.)

Meeting location:

Rush Oak Park Hospital 
Centennial Room 
520 S. Maple Ave Oak Park, Il 60304 

A list of our meetings can be found here.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

May Meeting Recap

Our May meeting was all about thimbles and needles for hand sewing, plus announcements, Show and Tell, and more! All in the comfort of our own homes, through Zoom. Member Sarah Evans gave an informed presentation that covered when and why to use certain needles, how to store them, and different kinds of thimbles and threaders.

She even compiled all the resources and fun video links into one Needles, Keepers, Threaders and Thimbles document, so there was no need to take notes! Thank you so much, Sarah, for a great presentation!

Sarah Evans, sharing her knowledge of thimbles and needles for hand sewing.


There were a lot of announcements at the meeting. Here's some of what we covered.

QuiltCon 2021 is being reinvented as QuiltCon Together, a virtual experience to maximize safety and member involvement. Member Heather Kinion, also Chair of the MQG Board of Directors, answered questions at the meeting, but things were still being finalized. It will be different in many ways. Look for more details and the event catalog later this month.

We are seeking volunteers and ideas for our guild's QuiltCon 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge (formerly the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge). The theme is curves, and there's a fun color palette. Look for more info in the guild newsletter.

June 14, 10:00-4:00, virtual meeting and Sew-In via Zoom! Please note that this has been rescheduled from the previous June 7 date. Join in from your sewing room or kitchen table, for the whole event or just a portion. There will be regular meeting announcements during the 10am hour, and Show and Tell beginning at 3pm. Hope to see you there!

July 19, 2:00-5:00, virtual meeting via Zoom: Hand Quilting Demos. Come with your questions, and be ready to learn lots! Our guild is full of expertise -- you'll be sure to discover something new.

Keep an eye out for the guild's annual survey, coming to your email inbox in the next few weeks. Your feedback helps us shape our programming and more!

It is always a joy to see what others have created during Show and Tell -- although it's quite tricky capturing the work and faces through screenshots!

We hope you'll join us at our Sew-In this month -- we'll sew and chat and have lots of fun!

All meetings are 2-5 pm on the third Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

This month's meeting and Sew-In is on the second Sunday, June 14, via Zoom. (Look for a link in our member newsletter, the Full Bobbin.)

Meeting location:

Rush Oak Park Hospital 
Centennial Room 
520 S. Maple Ave Oak Park, Il 60304 

A list of our meetings can be found here.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

April Meeting Recap

While we miss not being able to meet in person, we did the next best thing and held our April meeting via Zoom following our ‘virtual’ retreat earlier in the month. It was fun, and so great to see everyone’s faces, even if only on a screen. We had 45 people in attendance!

A Game of Quilts!
Originally planned as the Quilt Olympics, with a little flexibility and creativity we pulled off a stay-at-home version: the Quilt Home-lympics. Members put on their thinking caps, self-scored, and laughed together. There were three rounds of trivia-style guessing, and then an inventive quilt-related scavenger hunt. First off was “Name the Fabric Designer” given a photo of a fabric print -- extra points for knowing the print name or fabric line! Second was “Name the Quilt Block”, again given only a photo of each block. It was fun (and funny!) to hear the creative block names people came up with. The final guessing round was “Name the Designer” from their photo.

We then moved on to a Scavenger Hunt with only 10-20 seconds to grab each item from your sewing room or nook. Items requested were:
  • Quilting book or pattern
  • Yardage or fabric pull for a project planned but not yet used
  • Something to be mended
  • An item or fabric that was acquired through swapping or was gifted to you
  • The oldest tool in your quilting supplies
  • A UFO
  • Your favorite cutting tool
  • An item you use for quilting that originated in the kitchen or bathroom section of the store
It was especially enjoyable to hear members share information and sentiments about the items they collected.

And the winners were… (drum roll, please)...
Emily Lang in first place with 25 points!
Holly Harper and Sarah Evans tied for second place with 24 points each.
Finally, Melissa Bogusch, Jordana Robinson, Laura McDowell-Hopper, Laura Hartrich, and Andrea DiOrio all scored an impressive 18 points and third place honors.

Accolades were also given for these memorable moments/items:
Best made-up name for a quilt block:  “Death by Half Square Triangle"
Funkiest/best sewing implement: medical scissors used to remove a family member’s stitches

Finally, Show and Tell was wonderful! We saw so many beautiful things people are working on!

Welcome to our new Chicago MQG board members:
We gave a warm thank you to the amazing, outgoing board members for their hard work and leadership over the last year, and welcomed our new group of board volunteers. The following members will serve the 2020/21 term:

  • President: Jenni Grover (replaces Laura McDowell Hopper)
  • Vice President: Julia Bryant (replaces Jenni Grover)
  • Secretary: Ellen Pomes (replaces Jen Beatty)
  • Treasurer: Natalie Holz (replaces Deb Pentek)
  • Programming Chair: Bill Keller (replaces Laura Hartrich)
  • Special Events Chair: Emily Bruzzini (replaces Emily Lang)
  • Retreats Chair: Katie Cooper
  • Social Media and Communications Chair: Amy Struckmeyer (replaces Jennifer Lowe)
  • Membership Chair: Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

Upcoming meetings:
We'll continue to monitor the rules (and evaluate the safety) for group gatherings during the strange times of this global pandemic. We’ll keep you updated about future meetings and events via email and social media, so please watch for our communication. We truly hope the day we’ll be able to safely meet in-person again will come soon!

Our May meeting will be via Zoom. Please look for a meeting link in the member newsletter (the Full Bobbin) coming to your email inbox later this week.

May 17, 2:00-5:00pm
Hand Sewing Tips: Needles and Thimbles, with Sarah Evans
Learn everything you need to know about hand sewing needles and thimbles. Even if you have been sewing for years, we bet Sarah will teach you a thing or two. This lecture will be in the style of previous informative lectures like our popular solids program and our machine needles and thread program.

Update on retreats:
Although our in-person Spring retreat was cancelled, we held a fun 'virtual' retreat via Zoom on Saturday, April 4. Our Fall retreat is currently scheduled for November 20-23 at the Siena Center in Racine, WI. More info to come!

A quilting bee idea:
Bill Keller, our new programming chair, wants to know if you’d like to be part of a Quilting Bee. If so, he’ll organize small groups or “bees” based on similar interests and difficulty levels. Each member of the bee will have a turn to present a block or quilt idea as well as their fabric choices or preferences, and others in the group will create and contribute blocks to complete the quilt. Build community and build a quilt! Look for more info (including how to sign up) in our member newsletter, the Full Bobbin!

Community announcements:
Not surprisingly, sew-ins at members' private homes are on hold for now, but we would love to see what you are working on!

Use and follow our guild hashtags on your social media posts!

All meetings are 2-5 pm on the third Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

This month's meeting is on May 17, via Zoom. (Look for a link in our member newsletter, the Full Bobbin.)

A list of our meetings can be found here.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

March Meeting Postponed, Guild Quilt Challenge Announced

The Chicago MQG’s board of directors has voted to reschedule our March 22, 2020 meeting in light of the current public health crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus. Our guild has members who are seniors, pregnant, or have chronic health conditions impacting their immune system, and protecting the health and safety of our guild friends is paramount.  

We know that celebrating our guild’s 10th anniversary is a highly-anticipated meeting that we’ve all been looking forward to for months. We are currently working with our anniversary party venue, Pilgrim Church, to identify a new date later this year for rescheduling our anniversary party. The party must go on! We’ll all just have to be a little more patient. As soon as we know the new date for our anniversary party, we will announce it online and at meetings.

Our monthly guild meetings are a treasured tradition, and missing any meetings can make us feel disconnected, especially at a time when we are encouraged to stay home as much as possible. In order to make sure that we stay connected with our guild friends online, continue to foster our quilting creativity, and continue celebrating a decade of the Chicago MQG, we are excited to announce a new guild challenge today! You can read more about the Chicago MQG 10th Anniversary Mini Quilt Challenge below, and we hope that you’ll join us online in making a mini quilt inspired by your love for our guild!

The board is continuing to monitor the public health crisis. We are working with the Siena Center to make decisions about our upcoming retreat as well as with our contact at Rush Oak Park Hospital to stay up to date on hospital policies for our April meeting. If there are any changes to either of these events, we will announce them in a future email. In the meantime, take care of yourself and those around you, and start designing your mini quilt for our new challenge!

Stay safe,
Chicago MQG Board of Directors

Chicago star quilt by member Natalie Holz

Announcing the Chicago MQG 10th Anniversary Mini Quilt Challenge!

This year, the Chicago MQG is delighted to celebrate a decade of creativity and friendship. What better way to do that than with a new guild challenge! For our Chicago MQG 10th Anniversary Mini Quilt Challenge, we encourage you to make a quilt inspired by what the Chicago MQG means to you.

This could be an abstract quilt about friendship, a quilt made with techniques learned at past workshops or demonstrations, a design inspired by our city, or anything else you can imagine. All Chicago MQG 10th Anniversary Mini Quilts will be displayed at our rescheduled anniversary party! Here is some more information about the challenge:

Finished quilt size: 24” x 24”
Display: Because we will display these quilts at our rescheduled anniversary party, each mini quilt should have a sleeve sewn on the back.
Hashtag: #chicagomqg10yearmini – share your progress on Instagram and so your guild friends can see your quilt come to life!
Deadline: Ongoing! Start making your mini now, and we will announce the deadline when the new anniversary party date is announced.

Many of us will be spending a lot of time at home in the next few weeks. If you are able to, that’s the perfect time to get some quilting done! Make sure to use our #chicagomqg10yearmini hashtag to share pictures of your sketches, fabric pulls, quilt tops, and more. We can’t wait to see the diversity of quilts that this challenge will inspire!

All meetings are 2-5 pm on the third Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

This month's meeting is on April 19, 2020

Meeting location:

Rush Oak Park Hospital 
Centennial Room 
520 S. Maple Ave Oak Park, Il 60304 

A list of our meetings can be found here.

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We hope to see you there!